About Us

Nawranj Iranian Association (NIA) is a non- profit, non-partisan, social and cultural organization based in University of Toronto. This organization relies on its members’ voluntary participation to unite Iranians and non- Iranians in Toronto.

Nawranj promotes Iranian art, history, music and seeks a common vision among multicultural communities. One of our main goals is to arrange unique and entertaining events to promote cross-cultural dialogue and understanding among different ethnic communities through art and culture. Among other objectives, we hope to strive on making fundamental changes in deprived regions of the world by donating any profit gained from events to recognized charity foundations around the world.

This organization is also recognized for managing sport events in order to engage and entertain Iranians and non-Iranians while promoting and holding Iranian folklore sporting activities. Some of our recognized events have been briefly outlined on the “events” page; however Nawranj is not limited to these events. In order to be exceptional and unique, we strive on organizing newer and better events every year.



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